Visione Group is your strategic partner for the innovative realisation of information and operational technology capabilities.

Our aim is to maximise the value of all data within any organisation to yield efficiency gains, improve productivity and increase performance.

visione consulting
  • Enterprise strategy development and transformative technology planning
  • Enterprise, business, data, & solution architecture consulting
  • IT / OT program, project, solution delivery and capability realisation
  • Business and technology risk analysis, auditing and compliance consulting services
Visione systems
  • Technology solutions for enterprise, plant, engineering systems & asset management
  • Historian, unified data aggregation, data collection & IoT aggregation platforms
  • Integration & software development services
  • Data centre & hosting platform solution design & implementation services
  • Modelling, simulation, data science, AI, ML, analytics, HPC solution & implementation services
Visione Group research
  • Industry-Academic technology consulting collaboration & facilitation
  • IT / OT process framework development for standards compliance, risk analysis, & organisational strategic guidance
  • Data contextualisation research
  • IP commercialisation & realisation

We are people and data focused.

Let Visione Group work together with your organisation on its transformative journey to realise new possibilities.