Visione (Italian) [viˈzjone] / Vision (English) [ˈvɪʒən]

  1. The faculty of state of being able to see

    eyesight, sight, observation, perception, eyes, field of vision, view, perspective

  2. The ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom

    Similar: imagination, creativity, inventiveness, innovation, inspiration, intuition, perception, awareness, insight

Founded by Benjamin Woenig during the Australian winter of 2020 amid the Covid-19 global pandemic, Visione Group was formed to solve complex business and engineering problems through creative and collaborative spirit via leveraging technology solutions efficiently, effectively, and strategically aligned with organisational intent.

Regardless of industry or organisation sector, privately held, public, or government, data is key to any business’s operational evolution, growth, expansion, and opportunities to the betterment of its customers, employees, and stakeholders. Early in his career, Benjamin recognised that data is both directly and indirectly representative of any asset, and is only as useful as its availability, accessibility, and context. The value of data is often not understood, relegated to specific business divisions, or hidden within organisational silos, or even ignored entirely – until something goes wrong.

“An organisation’s capabilities are comprised of 3 fundamental components: its people, its service / product offerings, and its data”

Visione Group is the collective inspiration, ideology, and creative influence of numerous highly experienced people that Benjamin has worked and collaborated with over nearly 20 years in Information Technology consulting spanning utilities, mining, oil & gas, healthcare and biomedical systems, manufacturing, food & beverage providers, as well as government service organisations, and private small, medium, and large enterprises.

Underpinning any application service that a business user leverages, regardless of position or authority, are the foundational application, system and infrastructure services that provide that business capability – delivered to the user via the application service. A holistic, integrated understanding of the technology services stack, and the data that it stores, processes, and presents that is aligned to a user’s requirements equates to business efficiency, opportunity realisation and a user that has the right tool for the job.

Visione Consulting Services, Visione Systems and Visione Research are the sub-entities of Visione Group that are intended to strategically drive organisational innovation, assist businesses with realising technological advances, and provide ongoing research commitment to push the boundaries of what is possible to create new opportunities to solve industry problems, mitigate risk and generate value – to the benefit of the people that comprise of any organisation.

We are people and data focused.

Let Visione Group work together with your organisation on its transformative journey to realise new possibilities.