Smart Manufacturing Statement

Technological commitment to the Australian manufacturing sector.

Visione Group is committed to assist with stimulating and reinvigorating Australia’s manufacturing economy through the promotion and utilisation of transformative technologies.

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 concepts span a broad range of technologies and capabilities such as IIoT, additive manufacturing, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM), modelling and simulation, digital twins, smart sensors, virtual and augmented reality, on-demand and edge computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Although Australia is already manufacturing a range of products and solutions across numerous market segments, it still has enormous opportunity to excel at manufacturing high value products for the global market. It is imperative that Australian manufacturing businesses are competitive through leveraging appropriate technologies to help realise these possibilities even further.

Visione Group welcomes any existing or start-up manufacturing organisation to reach out to collaboratively discuss new ideas and opportunities for increasing production line efficiencies, reducing operational costs and promoting cross-collaboration between manufacturing businesses to maximise the overall value of supply chains.

Opportunities for R&D activities, assistance with technology commercialisation and industry-academia collaboration for manufacturing related initiatives is also possible through Visione Group’s Visione Research division.

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