Visione Consulting Services

Understanding business intent, risk, technology direction and motivation for change

Where are we now, what are our risks, and what is our current state?

Where do we want to be and what is our business intent?

How do we achieve our
technology goals?

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Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Development

“Understanding business intent, risk, technology direction, and motivation for change”

Visione Consulting Services provides a spectrum of enterprise, business, data and technology architecture capabilities to assist organisations with their transformative, strategic planning.

Understanding an organisation’s current state, its risks and existing technology landscape is critical for a baseline understanding. Strategic options are holistically considered with organisational aims and shareholder expectations.

Let Visione Consulting Services collaborate with your organisation’s senior leaders and architecture teams to help drive appropriate change and plan fit for purpose technologies across enterprise and operations.

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Solution Delivery Services

“Collaborative solution delivery services for realising enterprise, engineering and asset applications, solutions and capabilities”

  • Program & project management
  • Agility transformation
  • Business & requirements analysis
  • Solution architecture & technology options analysis
  • Solution implementation & execution
  • Integration & solution commissioning
  • Testing & QA analysis
  • Change management
  • Operational readiness preparation
  • Vendor assessments and technology procurement guidance
  • Holistic risk analysis of your project, operational, system and financial processes
  • Alignment and measurement of your processes towards your specific compliance obligations
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Risk Consulting

“Efficient risk management solutions, as risk is everyone’s business”

  • Assessment of market specific risk, controls, and compliance environments and processes
  • Provide management with an instant view of their risk / compliance effectiveness
  • Integrated and holistic risk management solutions 
  • Convergence of IT / Operational / Financial risks to minimise the cost of risk and compliance
  • Identification synergies across IT / OT / Business processes to clearly identify and address organisational risk & compliance gaps
  • Rationalisation of your organisational management systems and controls
  • Financial, operational, and industrial audits
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Standards & Reference Frameworks

“Visione Consulting Services leverages a spectrum of reference standards, tools, frameworks, and methodologies across its service offerings and actively encourages its customers to leverage these tools to their organisational benefit.”

  • Agile and new ways of working
  • Reference architectures
  • Standards, frameworks and compliance guidelines
  • Audits, assessments and workshops leveraging Visione Research IT/OT internally developed frameworks and reporting tools
  • Standard COSO / COBIT / ISO guidance
  • Best practices in Risk and Compliance

We are people and data focused.

Let Visione Group work together with your organisation on its transformative journey to realise new possibilities.