Visione Research

Initiatives for the realisation of new ideas, opportunities and innovative collaboration across industry and academia.

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Industry-Academia Research Intermediary

“Visione Research brings an information technology perspective to business and engineering collaborative academic research initiatives”


  • To increase awareness of collaborative academic research within industry and promote an information technology perspective to business and engineering research initiatives
  • To provide sponsorship and mentorship for post-graduate and post-doctorate researchers
  • To assist with translating research outcomes to productionised / implemented solutions – accelerating research outcome access for involved businesses
  • Industry, government, and academic grant management for research projects & related endeavours
  • Research opportunity identification, evaluation, and evolution
  • Commercialisation of research outcomes & IP development
  • Promotion of technology tools and provision of access to vendor products for research projects and training

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Industry 4.0 Enablement for Australia's Manufacturing Sector

“Visione Research, and the wider Visione Group, is motivated to assist Australian businesses and start-ups through the utilisation of technology capabilities and solutions to manufacture high value products, intelligently and cost effectively”

Refer to our Smart Manufacturing Statement for further information on Visione Group’s support for the Australian manufacturing sector.


  • Innovative manufacturing opportunity development and market assessment
  • Workshops, forums, and collaborative events for the promotion of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 capabilities
  • R&D and commercialisation of supply chain ecosystem tools for product realisation and encouragement to kick start new manufacturing businesses
  • Promotion and access to modelling and simulation tools for rapid product development
  • Technology solutions across business and engineering applications for guiding start-ups to establish minimum viable capability through to self-sustaining businesses
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Frameworks and Methodologies for Providing Organisational Strategic Guidance

“Tools for understanding IT / OT convergence opportunity, insight into risk, and organisational strategy to maximise ROI, identify business inefficiencies and provide recommendations for appropriate business and technology change”

  • Evolving IT / OT framework assessment tools, development from industry experience and academic research
  • Development and contribution to organisational processes and frameworks for converged IT / OT environments leveraging ISO, ISA, and open architecture standards
  • Current state, risk and ROI analysis
  • Holistic assessment summaries for executive and senior management guidance through insight, traceability, and standards compliance measurement
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Data Contextualisation Research

“Data is everything: without data, and the ability to understand and make decisions from it, there is no organisation”

Visione Research has in place several research initiatives to ultimately help organisations understand and make better use of the information that its people use to operate and maintain its physical and virtual assets, including:

  • Data description paradigms and data contextualisation
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Dataset and data subset management
  • Data correlation and interpretation between similar and disparate data sets
  • Timeseries and transactional data storage
  • Disparate data set management
  • Inter-departmental data visibility and accessibility
  • Inter-departmental and inter-organisational data transactions and data movement
  • Management of Big Data / very large data assets
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